Giuliano Milan

Career mentor for athletes, executives and entrepreneurs



Career mentoring for athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Giuliano Milan

At the age of twenty he decided to follow his motivation, leaving behind a promising career as a marketing executive to learn more about the human being. He has lived in Spain, Canada, and other countries where he studied more about the human being, stress management, positive thinking techniques and meditation.

He is the author of the bestselling books ‘TO BE HAPPY, NOT MUCH IS NEEDED’ (free translation – É PRECISO POUCO PARA SER FELIZ) and ‘RELATIONSHIPS THAT WORK’ (free translation – RELACIONAMENTOS QUE DÃO CERTO), published by Novo Seculo.

He provides high performance consulting for executives, entrepreneurs and Olympic athletes.

Some of his clients: Raul Neto (NBA), Thiago Pereira (swimming), Fernando Scherer (swimming), Lucas Moura (soccer), Bruno Rezende (volleyball), Ricardo Lucarelli (volleyball), Lucas Saatkamp (volleyball), Gabriel Lopes (Alok’s entrepreneur) and others.



On the Positive Your Mind (Positive sua Mente) YouTube channel you will find positive thinking tools developed by Giuliano Milan and applied for years on his clients, such as Olympic athletes, businessmen, artists and high-performance professionals.

Some of his clients share the results of Giuliano’s guided meditation in their day-to-day life and professional life on the channel

Guest doctors and health professionals also talk about health, life quality and meditation.

Giuliano’s positivity tools shared on the channel have no religious dogmas and are based on science.


Rodrigo Faro, TV host

Thank you, Giuliano Milan for making me see and especially feel that it takes very little to be truly happy!”


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